Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So I wanted to update the blog by posting the facebook statuses of today for those of you who read the blog but are not on facebook. So here they are starting from early this morning to the very latest one written a few minutes ago.

8AM---"Brett and I both got to bring Emri back into the surgery room and be with her until she fell asleep. The most emotionally stressful moment of my life yet. Jesus take care of my sweet girl."

11AM---"Breathing a tiny sigh of relief-they called the front desk to say they were still working on her but it was going well! I just want that girl back in my arms! Thank you Lord for keeping Emri safe so far."

12PM---"Closing her up-waiting for Sponseller to come talk to us. She will be moved to the PICU in the next 45 minutes."

1PM---"Can't help but smile right now. Emri was just moved to the PICU-a nurse came out to get her binky because she is requesting it along with her mommy and daddy. Apparently she keeps telling the nurses, "NO new back, NO new back!" She has her wits about her already! THANK YOU GOD FOR KEEPING EMRI IN YOUR HAND THROUGH THIS ALL!!!! I am SO full of thanks right now...can't wait to go see my sweetheart! I will update more when we are more settled."

6PM---"We are settled in the PICU with Emri. She has been drifting in and out of sleep-and on a lot of pain meds. She wants to be held and drink water and can't really do either of these things at the moment which is causing a little frustration on her part. Surgery went well, besides a few dips in her blood pressure which was treatable with medication and fluids. We are PRAISING GOD that she is remaining stable in recovery so far and that her pain is being managed well. I can't tell you the flood of relief I am feeling just seeing her heart beating and chest rising and falling! Holding her little hand has never felt so good."

This was our day in a nutshell. It was long, it was draining, but is turning out to be so wonderful. We realize we are not homefree yet-and know that these first 48 hours are always the most vital...but we feel God holding us close and we know prayer is surrounding our little sweetheart. Please continue to help us pray Emri right through these first few days and the rest of her recovery. God has been truly blessing us.

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