Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here are today's facebook updates. 

1AM---"Emri's body is trying to understand what just happened! She is pretty uncomfortable and just can't find a good position. She is still drifting in and out of sleep and every time she wakes up she seems to get kinda freaked out with how different her body feels. The whole middle section of her body is a completely different shape which we are thankful for-but we know it will be a difficult adjustment for Emri. God has blessed us with an incredible, tough little girl."

10AM---"Tried to let Brett hold her this morning-because she wanted it so bad-but it was too painful yet. Poor girl just wants to be cuddled---hopefully soon. She is doing well-remained stable all night! Got a visit from Sponseller already this morning and he is very happy with how she looks and how her stats are holding up. Continuing to thank our Lord for blessing us with a successful surgery!"

12PM---"Emri's respiratory and heart rate have been running high and she is still oxygen dependent. They did a chest x-ray and found that her left lung is partially collapsed. We are starting respiratory therapy now and were told this would lengthen her stay in the PICU."

2PM---"While the respiratory therapist was attempting to get Emri's mask on, Emri pushed it away and said, "I need a break.""

So as you can see, we had a little setback today with the partial lung collapse. Emri has been on high flow oxygen the whole second half of the day and they plan on taking a repeat x-ray some time tonight to see if it has helped that lung re-inflate. We are in the PICU until her lungs are back to normal and until her stomach is less distended. Emri seems to be experiencing minimal pain thanks to her continual morphine and tylenol drip along with regular doses of Valium. This surgery comes with the understandable reputation of being very painful and I am glad Emri's pain is being managed tolerably for her. Due to the fun mix of meds we have been hearing a variety slurry, nonsensical sentences come from Emri's mouth. She wakes up a few minutes at a time to catch a little Berenstein  Bears or Veggie Tales and usually wants a hand to hold and an apple juice soaked sponge to suck on. I am praying that God makes this painful time for Emri as short as possible and allows us to perhaps even enjoy a minimally painful Christmas together as a family. 
We are so thankful to have Brett's parents here to care for Baby Abe. I have no idea how we could be doing this without them. It is so nice for Brett and I to be able to be here together focusing our energy on Emri and her recovery. Once again, I can't express my thankfulness to have our sweet girl with us and surgery day behind us. Thank you to all who have been praying for our sweet girl and Brett and I. We feel so blessed to have so much support. Seeing how many people follow Emri and her progress on facebook just astounds me and allows me to feel the love of so many of you that can't be here in person. We feel so supported by family and friends and even a few people I hardly know! Emri is one special little girl---God has given us such a gift in her. Updates will continue.


  1. I've found your blog recently. I'm marfan too, from Poland. I'm 24 and I pray for your doughter. Ma first surgery was in age 19 and I can imagine what can feel this small girl. She is so brave!
    Where can I find you on facebook?

    1. Hey- Good to hear from you! All the way from Poland. I am at Erin Brittney Van Andel on facebook!