Wednesday, July 6, 2011

She's one!

Well folks, we officially have a one-year-old. She is now, according to, a full blown toddler. A TODDLER! Crazy times, these are. Looking back to a year ago June 8, words cannot begin to describe the emotions that take over. Our precious Emri Simone has brought us an overwhelming amount of joy this past year. Yes, a hefty load of stress, tears, and pain accomplanied the joy, but it only makes us that much more grateful for the beautiful gift God has granted us in Emri. Throughout the year, Emri has slowly been revealing her silly, joyful and stubborn personality to those around her. She is quite the little comedian and tremendiously social...don't know where she gets that from! We had the privilage of celebrating Emri's one year of life with friends and family in our new backyard! We are not officially moved into the house yet, but the backyard is open and ready for business! It was a fantastically sunny beautiful afternoon and we had a great time celebrating. Emri seemed to sense that the day was all about her and had no trouble at all enjoying every second of it.
We have been working vigorously trying to get the house ready to move in. Of course there was more work than previously anticipated and as a result the new tentative move in date will optomistically come at the end of July. I can't wait until I can post before/after shots of the house-it has changed pretty drastically already! Brett drives directly from his long day of work to work at the house-he has been dubbed as the energizer bunny. We are both a little overly excited to finally get into a home of our own!!
It has been a while since I have last blogged which I think can be taken as a good thing. Emri's appointments have been fewer and farther between which is a welcome relief from the previous appointment packed few months. She DID have a repeat sleep study and the results came back much better than the first test! She no longer has to be on Oxygen while she sleeps (I am not going to lie, she hasn't been on it very much do you keep a nasal canula on a one-year-old?!?!?!!?). Emri's next echo will be at the National Marfan Conference that we are attending in Portland next weekend. We are hoping and praying that the results come back as positively as last time! We are excited to attend the conference and eager to absorb as much knowledge as possible about marfan syndrome and all it accompanies. As for future appointments, Emri has a pulmonary checkup, spine traction x-ray and Orthopedic followup scheduled for August 12, and an eye appointment for August 25.
Friday, July 1st, the Lord decided to call Brett's Grandma Van Andel home. Brett's dad got to be there when she passed, which was a blessing. She will be greatly missed, but we can rejoice knowing she gave her life to Jesus Christ and is now being rewarded in Heaven!
We had a wonderful fourth of July celebrating at Fairhaven park in Bellingham. Excellent food, games and sunshine was follwed by a magnificant firework show! We wondered how Emri would react to the fireworks and she absolutely LOVED them! It was precious the way she snuggled up with Steph and I and marveled at the bright lights in the sky. I know it sounds silly, but watching Emri sitting in awe of the firworks stirred a little emotion from me. I am so very blessed and am in awe myself of the beautful life God has given me. Our sweet little girl; the one doctors once informed us had a 50% chance of making it past one; is thriving, smiling and loving life. I am so grateful and so in love.

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  1. It was great visiting with you at the wedding, and finally meeting Emri! She's such a sweetheart :)