Wednesday, April 27, 2011

21 & 301- our two favorite numbers!!

We have some very exciting things to report! Let me start with the most exciting news, which I believe most of you have already heard. Emri had her first echo last Wednesday since getting on losartan. The echo showed that Emri's aorta had not grown at all since the last echo which is just absolutely amazing. Every echo before this one has shown aortic root growth. Emri has grown 3 lbs since the last echo and her heart has remained at 21mm which is a good sign that Emri's little body is responding positively to the losartan. Therefore 21 is one of our new favorite numbers:) We couldn't be happier about this and continue to praise our God for his work in our lives and his healing power. We have had SO many ups and downs in the past year-but God has been holding us in his hand and granting us his peace through it all. We did also find out on Wednesday that Emri will have to be put on Oxygen during the night due to some sleep apnea she is struggling with. This will continue until the next sleep study in 3 or 4 months...We are praying that this is something Emri grows out of quickly! I am not so sure how this Oxygen thing is going to go over with Emri-not so sure she will tolerate having something up her nose all night... Just another adventure!  
Brett and I have a little more exciting news to report! NO-Emri is not getting a brother or sister...yet. We bought a house!! Brett and I had JUST decided that we were going to stop our house search and save for a down payment when this house popped up online. It was an online auction home owned by HUD and we just decided to make an offer because the starting price was so low that it was actually something we could afford. We were told a week later that someone else had won the bid and went back to the original "saving plan." However, two weeks later we found out that the first, and perhaps even second bid had fallen through and that our bid had been accepted!! We were beyond thrilled and began the VERY ARDUOUS process of submitting all of the nit-picky detailed information that the government needed to move forward with our bid. We began to understand why the first and second bid may have fallen through because it is a very complicated process to go about buying a HUD home. We are now just waiting on the notes(conditions) from the appraisal and then we move on to closing on May 23! We will be moving in with my parents for a few weeks in order to make a few fixes on our fixer-upper-it needs a little work;) We are VERY excited to finally be moving into a house of our own and can't wait to start having people over to barbecue and play volleyball in our backyard!!  Our new address will be 301 N. Section St.-hence why 301 is another one of our new favorite numbers!
Well-I just wanted to share the latest will everyone. I hope things are going well with all of you and keep up the prayers for our little Emri-God is SO good.


  1. Congrats on all the wonderful news! Janet and I are so happy for you three. Your house looks really great. I have to ask a question. Why is Rob sitting on your deck putting his pants on? I guess things are a bit different up north :)


  2. HAHA! It DOES look like he's pulling up his pants-didn't notice. And yes, we do things differently up north-we do things much BETTER:) Hope you guys are doing well-COME VISIT!! ~erin~

  3. Congrats!!! Your house looks great! A little here and there and it will feel like home! YAY!