Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Difficult News

We found out on Wednesday last week that Emri is dealing with a very serious heart condition. The echo-cardiogram she received at Children's Hospital showed that a section of her aorta artery is severely enlarged. This was shocking news, as the first echo-cardiogram she received in Colorado came back normal. This is a horrifying and difficult situation, and it's even hard to type about it. The only thing we have to comfort us is trusting God, knowing that this is all in HIS hands, and knowing that Emri's doctors will give her the best care possible. Through this all, we have a happy, smiley little girl, bringing joy through the tears. We will update more when we have had a little time to digest this all. Thanks for the support of those who have been praying, visiting, bringing meals, etc... 

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