Monday, November 1, 2010

October 4 Update

SO. Emri had an eye appointment last Thursday. It went well, and she doesn't need baby glasses...yet. She may need them in the near future, but not as of now. She is still very near sighted but her eyes have improved within the past two months. The eye doctor said that he wants to wait another three months before we check them again. 
Today we traveled down to Seattle for another echo-cardiogram. The ballooned part of her aorta is still ballooned, but not swelling near at the rate it was! This is encouraging news (I asked the doctor if we could use the word encouraging, and he said yes:)! Her aorta had only grown 1 mm since last appointment which is ok, because she has grown bigger as well. She cried and cried during the echo, because she was SO tired and wanted to be snuggled. She got a cat nap in before we met with the cardiologist and then she was all smiles- back to charming the doctors and nurses:) She is such a sweet, sweet baby. 

We are so so thankful for a little reassuring news-it has been difficult having to wait this long not knowing what was going on inside Emri's little body. We have another echo-cardiogram scheduled for the 8th of December. 
We were supposed to get the results of her genetic testing for Marfan's today too, but it won't arrive until this weekend. We are praying the results come back negative, as Neonatal Marfans can be quite serious and more intimidating than Beals. 

Besides Emri needing to put on a little more weight, she is doing great! She is SUCH a happy little girl and brings so much joy to our lives every day. It has to be one of the best feelings in the world to look down and see my little girl smiling boldly at me:) We thank God for her often... Thank you for your thoughts, meals, hugs, emails, and most of all prayers. We will update again soon! 

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