Monday, February 9, 2015

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So....Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New year....I think that's it for now! We had a beautiful Holiday season, spent with family and friends and then commenced 2015 with a move to Mount Vernon. We had a smooth move with a lot of help (THANK YOU to those that came to help) and are slowly settling into our new/old farmhouse in Mount Vernon. The farmhouse was built in 1910 and is quite charming. We have a beautiful farmland view and even get to see the sunset...which I have always really wanted! The kids love their new rooms, and have adjusted to the new place really well. There is much more room to run out here and the kids have thoroughly appreciated having our dog back from his vacation at my parents house.
Speaking of Jack...his vacation at my parents house led to a little bit of an accidental litter of 3 of which somehow ended up at our house. Emri has fallen madly in love with "Perdy". Emri originally picked out the name "Flower Butterfly", but we compromised and agreed to name the puppy after Perdy on 101 Dalmations, and she can call the pup "Perdy Flower" if she so wishes.

The sunset and our "lake" veiw.

Could YOU say no??!?

 Emri started pre-school at Mount Vernon Christian for the second semester and has loved EVERY SECOND of it. She is ridiculously social and totally thrives in social environments (don't know WHERE she gets that from). Mount Vernon Christian has been very gracious accommodating Emri's needs and has done everything they can to make sure she has a successful and safe experience at school. We still have no clue what the future holds for schooling, but for now, this is working well. Emri also began going to AWANA and is really enjoying it.What a great experience for the kids that go. I am just amazed at the Biblical memorization that takes place during each week. What an amazing program.
Abe continues to amaze me with his unlimited amounts of energy, life-enriching stunts, and inability to sit still. I love the kid with all my heart, but he knows how to scare his mommy...and I think he enjoys it. He loves his big sister and imitates her every move. He is looking forward to when the weather turns sunnier and we can play outside all day long!

AWANA vest

Don't smile Abe!

I turned 27....which is cool I guess. ;)

The cake that Brett and the kids made me!

Emri had an echo today...and the results were great! We always love to hear the word "stable" and cling to it for the next four months until the next heart check. Going through this every 4 months is tough, but God proves to provide strength in our times of need. Emri's skull fracture in September and surgery in October sent my body into a little bit of a stress reaction mode....but I am slowly feeling better and more at peace.We are praising our God for the wonderful heart news we received today! A stable heart...just in time for valentines day! Emri enjoyed listening to the Frozen soundtrack on the way to the hospital, watching Frozen during her echo, and even seeing a clown perform "Let it Go" while throwing tissues all over the place in the waiting room. You would assume that the girl would have nothing but Frozen songs stuck in her head all day long....but do you want to know what she started singing while I took her potty right after her appointment???
"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with Joy! Yes sir!"
A song she has just learned in pre-school and AWANA (thanks Mrs. Messmer:). I couldn't help but be a little amazed and perhaps slightly teary after hearing Emri sing Psalm 126:3 right after an amazing heart appointment. Weather or not it was an intentional connection made by Emri...God is intentionally using Emri is so many marvelous ways...and my heart is saturated with joy and thankfulness for my front row seat in witnessing the incredible testimony Emri is living out every day. What a gift.

EKG after echo...Emri almost knows where all the stickers have to go.

Abe congratulating Emri on her great results:)

So much love in one wagon.
We continue to pursue our adoption and get monthly updates on our handsome little man (wish I could share all of his pics...but I can't yet!!!). He is thriving and healthy and we couldn't be more excited for the day we get to finally bring him home. We are planning a few fundraising events since the adoption costs total about $30,000.00!!! We weren't planning on having to provide the money so soon, but since we were matched with a waiting child so quickly, we are now faced with a large chunk of money to earn quickly. The day we get to meet our son could not come fast enough.We have set up a fundraising page for anyone who feels led to donate to the cause and have recently received our first anonymous gift of $100! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We are planning on a garage sale/bake sale at the end of March/beginning of April that anyone is welcome to donate items to. Every cent will go towards the adoption. I will be setting up a facebook event page for the sale, but if anyone is interested in donating items, baking or helping in any other way and would like to contact me by email or phone, here is my info:
Email: Phone: 360-296-4915

Also, for anyone interested more in Korean are a few great links!

Please continue to pray for peace and strength for our family through all of the ups and downs, and upside-downs. God's grace has been abundant to us, and the support and prayers we continue to receive from so many of you has been overwhelming. We are so thankful. Thanks for stopping by:) ~Erin~

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