Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Lung info.

We had a special lung appointment on Tuesday. We found out a lot of things that we did not know about Emri. First, she is primarily breathing with her right lung-her left lung only inflates with big deep breaths. The reason for her left lung insufficiency is that, with the severity of her pectus, there is not enough room for the left lung to function properly. The doctor we saw specializes in pectus deformities and scoliosis and how they interfere with the lungs. He highly suggested an early pectus repair which is very rare in young children since they are still growing---if you fix the pectus, and they keep growing, it is not going to stay fixed. He also warned us that with the way Emri is put together, and with the small space inside her chest cavity, we need to be prepared for the worst if she gets sick. There is a high possibility of her lungs collapsing if they are at all compromised by a sickness, especially her left one. This is why it is so important that Emri remains healthy, and that when she does get sick, she is taken to her pediatrician right away. This is a lot to swallow-especially since lungs have not yet been an issue for Emri. It's a whole new system to be aware of and keep up with. Pray for peace and patience for us as we search for the right people to take on this new pectus repair-they are a rare commodity, since kids usually don't need this type of surgery so young. We are also attempting to ready ourselves for Emri's G-tube and spine surgery all coming up very quickly. We have been spending and will continue to spend much of our time seeing specialists at Children's throughout these next few months. It's a lot to handle, and we are continually reminding ourselves that we are not alone...sometimes it just feels like too much.

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