Monday, February 7, 2011

Our sweet little friends

Our 8 month journey with our sweet little Emri has led us to connect with a few people in very similar situations. Since we have been so very blessed by so many of you supporting us in prayer, I thought it would be great to be able to introduce a couple of precious friends that could use prayer as well. 
Our first friends' name is Brody. I have never even met Brody, but the pictures and videos I have seen of him make it hard not to fall in love. Brody and Emri are in a very similar situation and it has been SO relieving to be able to connect with his mom and discuss anything and everything.  We have been through so many similar emotions and it has been such a blessing to be able to connect. His mom and I even think our little ones look quite similar-it has been fun to compare pictures:) Brody is also on losartan and doing pretty well after a few very scary episodes. He just got glasses, so him and Emri are officially glasses twins. Here are just some of the facebook statuses from Brody's mom in the past few months...

"Brody is getting life flighted by helicopter to ku med- his heart rate got a little crazy. Please continue with prayers for our lil man"

"Had a scare last night- his heart rate soared to 280 when chris was just sitting holding him. Nurses and doctors rushed in and splashed ice water on his face and gave him medications which he did not like! It happened again at some point during the night but went down on it's own after 2 seconds. Now waiting to do an echo to see if that will tell us anything....."

Brody has recovered from his scary experience and is doing well on the medication he was put on. He has an echo this Thursday to see where his heart is at. But as you can see, Brody and his family have been through quite the journey as well. He is such a precious little boy and we just pray that God watches over him and gives his parents the same peace that Brett and I have been granted through this all.

Danny is another little boy that has touched our hearts. Danny is from the UK and was also born with marfans. He has been such a trooper with everything he has had to deal with! The size of Danny's aorta is that of a 7-year-old and he has diaphram eventration causing his liver to be pulled up into his chest and his heart and left lung to be pushed to the left. His left lung is also underdeveloped. He has scholiosis, eye problems and mild mitral valve leakage just like Emri. Lately he has been in the hospital for lung issues and has had to deal with a feeding tube, which his mom mentioned he didn't appreciate too much. Danny has completely captured my heart. His mom just emailed Dr. Dietz and she (and us) are waiting in eager anticipation to see what he has to say. 

If you happen to be reading this and have been keeping Emri in your thoughts and prayers, please add Brody and Danny to them as well. These two little ones are inspiring to say in the least. Their moms have been a huge support for me and are two very brave and wonderful women. Pray with us. 

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  1. I am so glad to know the 3 of you! You all have *adorable* babies and are in our prayers.